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Clinton Receiving Communion

Apr 07, 1998 04:10 PM
by M K Ramadoss

Here is a news item. Just could not understand what is all the fuss about.



                  Clinton Defends Taking

                  WASHINGTON (AP) The White House says
                  President Clinton, a Southern Baptist, has no regrets
                  about taking Communion from a Catholic priest
                  during his visit to South Africa despite criticism from
                  some Catholic leaders. 

                  White House spokesman Mike McCurry said
                  Monday that aides who arranged Clinton's March
                  29 visit to a church outside Johannesburg were
                  assured that baptized Christians could share in
                  Communion "and the president acted on that

                  In a Palm Sunday homily, Cardinal John O'Connor
                  said it was wrong for the officiating priest to give
                  Clinton the sacrament, "however well-intentioned"
                  his actions were. 

                  Clinton received Communion along with first lady
                  Hillary Rodham Clinton during a morning Mass at
                  Regina Mundi church, which is located in the black
                  township of Soweto. 

                  O'Connor responded after numerous calls poured
                  into his office from New York-area Catholics who
                  saw pictures of Clinton receiving the sacrament,
                  spokesman Joseph Zwilling told the New York Post
                  in its Monday editions. 

                  The officiating priest, the Rev. Mohlomi Makobane,
                  has said he gave Communion to Clinton because he
                  did not want to risk embarrassing him by declining to
                  do so. 


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