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Re: Theos-World My Close Encounter with the ER

Apr 09, 1998 06:52 AM
by M K Ramadoss

At 09:04 AM 4/9/1998 EDT, you wrote:
>In a message dated 98-04-09 01:56:36 EDT, Doss wrote:
><< n Tillett's book, there is a reference to the Egyptian Ritual was adapted
> for use by a group of young women who were also ES members. >>
>About 20 years ago, I "inherited" a theosophical library from a deceased
>member because the relatives had no interest in the subject. Among the
>I found two parchments, they looked like diplomas, that had the name of the
>Egyptian Rite on them. Each document showed that the participant had achieved
>a certain level or degree. One referred to a temple degree associated with
>Isis. Curious, I took them down to the Washington Lodge and showed them to an
>elderly friend of mine who had been the librarian at Olcott for a quite a
>time. When she saw them, she gave me a big kiss on the lips, snatched the
>documents out of my hands and said, "You're giving me to these, aren't you,
>darling". Before I could reply, she made a beeline to Joy Mills in the next
>room who happened to be there that day to give a lecture. I saw them in a
>huddle whispering to one another. When my friend returned, I asked her what
>they were and she passed it off by saying "Oh, it was just an organization
>George Arundale set up to help people learn theosophy better". This lady was
>in her eighties at the time, very knowledgable and quite charming but she was
>an old-line theosophist, ES member and all that. My only regret was that I
>didn't xerox the ER papers. But that's water under the bridge.
>My other experience was even earlier, back in the early Sixties. When I was
>being raised in Holy Orders in The LCC, Bishop Will Pitkin made the following
>cryptic remark one morning, "One day you will be admitted to a group that
>isn't Co-Masonry, the ES or The LCC. It will be something else but it will be
>under the direct tutelage of the Master Himself". The other candidate for
>Orders and myself sat there dumfounded but neither of us asked any questions
>about what was just said. Another mistake, looking back in retrospect.
That is very interesting. How I wish you had retained the originals. Even
if the originals were there, it would not have disclosed any secrets. 

The way the old lady reacted and the subsequent huddling tells me that she
may not be telling the full story. According to Tillett, the ER was
established by CWL and not GA. To this day I am yet to see anyone dispute
with evidence any facts in the Tillett's book.

May be it would be a good idea to ask Joy Mills or any of the older leaders
about it when there is an occassion to inquire and see their answers. It
would be very interesting.


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