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THEOS-L digest 1487

Apr 16, 1998 05:01 AM
by Thoa Tran

Hi Julien,

It is more of a poetic description rather than a factual description.  This
is a description of the "Parent Space" that is the "ever present cause of
all".  The Stanza began with the Darkness, which is really not Darkness as
we comprehend it.  The Stanza I referred to it as "her", as a reference to
its function, as the source of all that exists, as the Womb.  But, if you
would like, you can call it Dilbert. :o)

Have you read any poetry by Rumi?  To a layman's eye, his poems are just
love poems to his lover.  In actuality, his poems are love poems to the
unknowable all.

Thoa :o)

>I found your treatise on mystic experiences enlightening. But why do you use
>the term Mother, why the genderization?

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