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Re: Use of Drugs and the free market

Apr 27, 1998 03:33 PM
by Bart Lidofsky

Thoa Tran wrote:

> >By and large, one removes onesself
> >from the breeding pool, or at least the active parenting pool, and by
> >doing so, improves the condition of humanity. Therefore, evolution in
> >action.
> Ouch, Bart!  Why not go further and say that there should be no laws
> whatsoever.  Let humans govern themselves.  Chuckie would love that.  We
> don't have to have traffic laws.  Whoever approach the intersection the
> quickest and has sharp hand/eye coordination, will survive the traffic.
> That means we can get rid of all the slow folks, the old folks, the
> inexperienced drivers, and the daydreamers.  I would opt for a military
> tank, myself.

	If you get rid of traffic laws, careful drivers will be at much at risk
as dangerous drivers. So now, I WILL go into my position on the laws
against drugs: If drugs are legal, the primary victims of drugs would be
the drug-users themselves. If they were not legal, the primary victims
would be non-drug users.

	And, by the way, I believe that alcohol is one of the worst drugs
around, and the worst are the semi-legal amphetamines and barbituates.

	Bart Lidofsky

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