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Apr 30, 1998 01:21 AM
by K. Zaitzev

Forming a study center or branch


MKR> I will mail you the e-mail address.
 Thanks, I've received it.

MKR> there is a provision in the Rules of TS, by which one could directly
MKR> be attached to Adyar without any intermediary organization.
 Yes, I know that & all the members here are the unattached members.

MKR> Also what advantages you are all expecting by forming a or study
MKR> center or branch?
 Lodges, as i understood, have a self-ruling status. Yet our unattached
members cannot act from the name of TS. For example, registering as a
public organization gives much advantages. Russian laws don't prohibit
us to create an organization, call it "Theosophical society" and re-
gister as non-commercial organization but our members say it won't be
proper behaviour from TS's point of view. Still we have no official
status all the activity is paralized. We can't have our bank account,
etc. All that we do is meeting each week in a library because the
director of library kindly permitted us to do it.

The second big problem is publishing. The russian translations are made
but they can't be printed. TS can't permit publishing because it is not
sure that the translations are of appropriate quality. It seems to me
that most of these problems are artificial and coudn't arise at all if
we had a national section.

And... my friend writes me about books:
"The American Theosophical Society - I sent you their ad a while ago -
do have 40% discounts, but *for Theosophical Study Centers*."

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