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Newspaper offering Website

Mar 01, 1998 01:52 AM
by M K Ramadoss

Here is an excerpt from Houston Chronicle. Non profit groups have an
excellent opportunity to use what the newspaper has to offer.


Note from the Editor:

If you're a nonprofit organization looking for a way to get your message
out on the Internet, has a new project that might
be of interest of you.

This year, we are establishing a Community Self-Publishing site on our
Web site that is to be used by schools, churches, sports leagues, and
other nonprofits to help them create a presence on the Web.

With this site, nonprofits will be able to publish, either for public or
private use, their calendars, events and membership information, plus
much more.  They also will be able to establish discussion groups.

This project is a simple way for nonprofit-group members to communicate
with themselves and with the public.  No extensive computer knowledge is
needed -- all that is required is an internet connection and a web

If you and your nonprofit group is interested in taking part in this
exciting new project, please contact Gwen Lewis, Communications
Coordinator for  She can be reached by email at or by  phone at 713-220-6266.

We hope you'll take part!

Thanks for visiting, and take care.

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