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No legal troubles?

Mar 03, 1998 06:16 AM
by K. Paul Johnson

Dear Doss,

Even a cursory examination of history suffices to disprove your
extravagant claim that no Theosophical organization has ever had
any legal troubles or criminal investigations.  Can't imagine
where you get that idea.  In the Adyar TS there were the
Leadbeater scandal of 1906, with allegations of criminal behavior
and an internal investigation that led to CWL's resignation from
the society.  Before that was the Judge scandal of 1894-5, again
leading to an internal investigation, this time concerning
forgery and resulting in no decision but later leading to Judge's
leading the American Section out of the TS.  There was the
lengthy and involved case of Krishnamurti's father suing Besant
and the TS for custody of his sons, based on accusations of
criminal behavior by CWL.  In Point Loma, there were legal
troubles associated with accusations of child abuse due to harsh
discipline.  ULT had an internal lawsuit in the 1930s instigated
by Crosbie's wife and others against the leadership, although I
cannot tell you the result or specific accusations.  Leadbeater
was the subject of an extended police investigation in Australia
after relocating there.

There have also been financial scandals in Adyar's history, one
near the turn of the century and another rather recently.
So your basis for "discrimination" between bona fide and
unreliable organizations doesn't work as a justification for
throwing stones at Ananda Marga-- you're in a glass house.


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