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Re: Theos-World Usefulness of the list

Mar 09, 1998 05:38 AM
by Estrella

Jerry Hejka-Ekins wrote:
> The number of different viewpoints and attitudes in this world never fails to amaze
> me.  There are those who want to see nothing but high minded phrases and platitudes;
> others who prefer to ignore dysfunctionality; those who are not vested in the
> organizations and want to discuss teachings; those vested in the organizations who
> want to talk about improving them, or treating their dysfunctionality etc.  Too bad
> we can't have a list for everyone:
> 1. theos-platitudes
> 2. theos-theos_philosophy
> 3. theos-neo_theos_philosophy
> 4. theos-TS_org_support
> 5. theos-TS_org_opposed
> Until then, I guess we all have to share the same lists and whatever orientation
> gets the most response, will be the one that gets the most bandwidth.

And blah,blah,blah, and more blah....
Haven't ALL of you pepole belonging to some TS organization, or not,
have thinked that, if ALL is a WHOLE, a UNIT, WHY NOT IT IS POSSIBLE
DISSCUSS EVERYTHING??? discussing disturbing matters that are not well
it is good, i know, but, like we say in Mexico, "cada cosa en su lugar"
(Each thing in it's place) There is a place and a moment to discuss
polithics,philosophy,science, occult matters,friendship, and proper
things of the respective organization. The TS has a very important duty
to the world, and all pepole working there have to keep in mind that
they have the duty of DOING THE BEST,ALWAYS.If it is understandable to a
certain point that most organizations get with trobule, corruption
("grilla" as we call it here) and errors, in an organization supposed to
be to "the welfare and the friendship of humanity" as the TS is, is less
than justified.
So, there are some problems in TS organizations? OF COURSE THEY HAVE!!
SO WHAT!!! If we can fix them, let's do it, fight against the end!!
meanwhile, let's do our chores, folks.
P.S. Let's comeback to the discussion.

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