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Re: THEOS-L digest 1455

Mar 11, 1998 07:51 PM
by Jaqtarin Triele

>  The "relative latency" is, surely, in the eye of the beholder?  It is
> not impossible to argue that the higher manas of, say, a cat, is so
far in
> advance of our own that the apparent look of contempt that a cat will
> occasionally bestow upon a human might be based upon a superior, not
> an inferior development of one of the seven principles, even though
> others might be less developed than in the human.
> Alan

Ah...I now know what TI is all about.  Alan is trying to bring back
the old, Egyptian cat-worship.  hmmm...



P.S.  I have to agree that Alan may have a point, however, cats also
have a high degree of desire for basic things.  Their stomachs often
outweigh any kind of moral decision, as is with most animals, even the
most loyal dog.  I guess my question is, what is the higher manas to
everyone.  Is it that which bestows upon us moral values?  Or perhaps
the ability to observe moral values?  I guess my question is, how does
the migher manas manifest itself within us?  How do we express it?
How would the cat express it?
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