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Re: Local health vs. global sickness

Mar 13, 1998 09:58 AM
by Bart Lidofsky

K. Paul Johnson wrote:

> Why is this?  Most other groups I've experienced, like the
> Baha'is and the ARE, are pretty much the same vibes locally and
> nationally.

    I am NOT saying that this is necessarily the case for local and national,
but it is an interesting case of that kind of difference.

    Virtually all  practicing physicians that I have met are mainly interested
in the health of their patients. But if you look at physicians who are on the
political side of things, either as public health officials or in physican's
trade unions like the AMA, you find that they are far more interested in
themselves and their own incomes than they are in the health of others
(although there are notable exceptions, like ex-Surgeon General Koop). The
probable reason for this is that doctors who are truly interested in the
health of others are probably too busy trying to help sick people to spend
time on politics.

    It also might have to do with the type of Theosophist who actually tries
to practice what s/he preaches. There is the joke:

    "A Theosophist and a Christian are walking down the road together. At a
fork, they see the roadsign, and become very excited. The Christian runs down
the fork to the left, while the Theosophist runs down the fork to the right.

    Another man was walking some distance behind them, and observed their
behavior. Curious, he walked to the fork, and looked at the roadsign. The sign
to the left said, 'Heaven'. The sign to the right said, 'Discussion about

    Bart Lidofsky

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