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Mar 14, 1998 07:17 AM
by M K Ramadoss

We are seeing the evolution of Internet as a medium of cheap mass
distribution of information at no cost (other than your computer and
your time and your interests) to the consumer. What print media or TV
dare not print or say, Internet provides unrestricted access. Money and
power of organizations in the past have put a muzzle on what the public
was told. No more.

Just yesterday night I found that one site posted many pages of the
papers filed by Paula Jones attorneys. This morning I found that ABC
news and other sites are going to make the entire 500 page document
accessible to anyone in the world.

You don't have to pay a subscription or membership fee to access any of
these sites. Access is *free*. So the poor and rich alike have
unrestricted access. (Poor can go to their local libraries and acces

This again just simply shows where the information revolution based on
Internet is going. Those who have grown up in the
controlled/moderated/censored environment may not like what they see.
But Internet is here to stay. (Last week I saw a comment that like
multiple TV sets in homes, we are looking for a time soon when each
family will have multiple computers with access to Internet.)

We can just use our imagination where Internet revolution is heading.

My 0.02


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