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Re: Manifesto 3

Mar 13, 1998 12:21 PM
by Jaqtarin Triele

---Thoa Tran  wrote:
> This is a very considerate response to the manifesto.  I'm curious
as to
> why Mr. Farthing has a need to write up such a manifesto.  What was
> reason for denying CWL and Besant.  What was the reason to go back to
> strictly adhering to HPB's writings?  Was there some movement or
> non-movement within the TS that made the leaderships feel that they
have to
> make these changes?  What were the changes?  Everyone has a reason for
> something, good or bad.  I would like to know what it is.
> Thoa :o)

I basically had the same question, only with emphasis on a couple of
different points.  Who, exactly, is Farthing?  MKR noted that he was a
"long-time" English Theosophist, but what did he do?  Is he a
political power?  A member of the E.S.?  Does he belong to a
sub-society within the T.S. that may benefit from such changes in
structure and code?  I find it hard to analyze the manifesto without
knowing the person.  The only thing I can really say about the entire
document is that there were a few contradictions, particularly
regarding dogmatism.  He definitely tried to "skirt the truth" in that
respect.  Also...and perhaps I didn't understand it correctly...he
stated in P120, "Theosophy itself cannot be popularized", yet in the
last paragraph, he ends with, "...with a sublime object in view: the
salvation of the whole human race by a "popularization" of their
teachings.  Surely we can attempt to do this to the limit of our
capacity."  Why would he want to attempt it if he is so sure that it
cannot be done?

Will be back to write more later...gotta go.

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