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New Age and Adepts

Mar 14, 1998 02:17 PM
by M K Ramadoss

With all the literature floating around about New Age, the level of
misunderstanding and confusion is unbelievable. This is going to become
worse when some Theosophical organizations in their zeal try to introduce
Theosophy to the public by placing emphasis on mysteries of nature, occult
etc as a modern day marketing tactic.

Recently one of the "spiritual" organizations was contacted by a person who
wanted to join the organization so that he can be made an adept. This
person was under the impression that the organization was in the business
of making adepts of members.

The more organizations hawk the mystery, occult side, more there will be
misconceptions and someone is likely to con those who are willing to pay a
hefty fee to be made an adept -- whatever that may mean. I will not be
surprised if this happens because everyone has come to believe in the West
that a monetary fee is ok for a service and who would hesitate to pay to be
made an adept.


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