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Re: THEOS-L digest 1471

Mar 21, 1998 10:58 AM
by Dallas TenBroeck

March 21, 1998  Spring !

Dear Bodhijack:

Wisdom is a discriminative application of knowledge --

by definition it ought to imply a complete and total knowledge of all
the links of karma that relate to any entity, being or action to be
performed with or for THAT being/entity.  So it sounds terribly
complex to our embodied brain-mind.  But for those who are "Masters
of Wisdom" it consists in their ability to see in the Akasa (the 7th
aspect of the 'astral light') all those links, and "read" there the
unfolding karma of the being concerned, and,  the potential effect of
any proposed influence that may be offered to it.

The basic tenets of the "Wisdom-Religion" start with the UNITY of all
beings -- the concept being that the duality of SPIRIT/MATTER emerge
periodically from an ever-present and indescribably "background"
which for lack of a better term is designated the "ABSOLUTE."

Karma, the great LAW OF ENDLESS CYCLES, which involves the greatest
of Universes and the most minute component of the atom, causes the
periodic emanation of evolving worlds and their periodical withdrawal
into a "sleeping," or a 'resting," phase of their living.

It is also presumed that all this enormous agglomeration of being of
various kinds and of many degrees of intelligence are themselves
immortals.  they do not die, but serve, each in its own place as a
repository for the experiences that it has gone through.  the Akasa
was mentioned earlier.  Each of these is part of and contributes its
share of experience to that aspect of the WHOLE.

Electro-magnetic bonds of sympathy are presumed to link every such
being or component to everyone ELSE.  Hence any thought, feeling, or
act, affects the rest.

The aim of those BEINGS who have not reached the man-stage is to
attain self-consciousness (mind).  The aim of those who HAVE become
mind-beings (humanity) is said to become UNIVERSALLY MINDED.

To achieve this selflessness, compassion, strict adherence to
universal and impersonal ethics and a continual and careful regard
for the rights and privileges of others are regarded as the mans that
mankind as units can employ to become wiser than they are at present.

There are many more "tenets" that can be derived from these, as
basics, but this is the framework as I understand it, that can be
verified each one for himself.

No gifts or privileges can be secured by anyone who does not make the
effort to obtain them for themselves by their own unassisted,
individual work.  The whole of Nature, being assured of such
individual harmlessness then opens its secrets to such an individual,
it being assured that such knowledge will never be mis-applied.  In
other words, each becomes his own initiator, assisted by the good
will of every other being, high or low in the Universe.

Admittedly, this is idealism and altruism raised to its highest
pitch, and when focussed in an individual you have the example of a
Buddha, a Christ, a Krishna, a Gandhi, a Plato, a Pythagoras,  ...
all those truly great figures of history whose words and example have
been handed down to us as examples of excellence.

Since "religion" means "to bind together," from 'religiere' -- the
"wisdom-religion" would bind all together through fact as well as

No department of nature or of knowledge or of research would be
excluded.  It is entirely eclectic, non-sectarian, non-dogmatic,
non-political and universal in scope, encouraging therefore as a
basic tenet BROTHERHOOD.

I hope this may be of additional help,			Dallas


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| Theosophy:  Theos = Deity;  sophia = wisdom -- hence divine wisdom
| -- the record down the ages of discovery by delving into the
| motivational side of Nature in all its departments.
| Theosophy is that ocean of knowledge which spreads from shore to
| shore of the evolution of sentient beings;  unfathomable in its
| deepest parts, it gives the greatest minds their fullest scope,
| shallow enough at its shores it will not overwhelm the
| of a child.
| [ See SECRET DOCTRINE Vol. I, pp 272-3, also OCEAN OF THEOSOPHY ]
| Wisdom-Religion:
| Knowledge and information about all departments and laws of Nature
| which by its inherent nature draws all beings together into a Unit.

| The separation of individual consciousness and intelligence is only
| apparent, as in fact the laws of cooperative existence and
| interaction on the planes of sympathy, Electro-magnetism united
| individual atom or person to every other.  Nature is the 'church;'
| all beings of whatever degree are the 'paritioners.'
| Theosophia:  Wisdom-religion, "Divine wisdom."  The substratum and
| basis of all the world religions and philosophies, taught and
| practiced by a few elect ever since man became a thinking being.
| its practice Theosophy is purely divine ethics.
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| in answer to my question,bart wrote,"wisdom religion is a
theoretical basic
| true religion that is behind all other religions." i thank bart for
| answer.    can anyone elaborate on that? does the "wisdom religion"
| any tenets? is the "oneness" of all things a given according to the
| religion?

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