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Re: Is it possible to change the TSA?

Mar 24, 1998 03:51 PM
by JRC

>    I am not saying that there aren't problems in the TSA. I am not
>saying that it is not a good idea for people to get together, to fix the
>problems. But I do believe, and put those beliefs into practice, that
>improvement comes from positive action, getting involved, working to
>make things right, rather than by whining about what is wrong.

Well yes, and so far your approach has apparently lead to a drop in
membership of close to one third in less than a decade, growing anger and
frustration, and a widespread sense that the TSA is dying. When you're done
mouthing pithy little aphorisms about "positive action" leading to
"improvement", and engaging in what appears to be an almost perpetual (if
curiously ironic) whining about "whiners" (who are apparently defined as any
who actually decide to call *BS* on the vast web of games the Wheaton
leadership is playing) perhaps you'll glance once at how successful those
"improvements" have been.

I also believe in "positive change" - and if a group of people are
strangling the TS, "positive change" means to attempt to point out the
strangulation, and if at all possible to banish the stranglers from
headquarters. Call it "whining" if you want bucko, but there's a new wind
afoot ... and I wonder how well you'll work if headquarters winds up being
governed by those who think of Theosophy in far different terms than you do.

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