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Re: Is it possible to change the TSA?

Mar 24, 1998 07:33 PM
by Bart Lidofsky

Dr. A.M.Bain wrote:

> The following URL (under construction) was sent to me yesterday, and
> will affect TSA or ex TSA members only, so far as I can see.

    It appears to be the work of a single individual, looking for
support. Not that he doesn't bring up some good points (and some bad
points, as well; but certainly there is room for discussion even with

    Other than problems with phrasing, a couple of major problems:

    1) The rolls of the E.S. are no more secret than the rolls of the
T.S.  I, for example, not being and E.S. member, know who all the E.S.
members at the New York Lodge are. How do I know? I asked. There is a
difference between the number of E.S. members who are directors of the
TSA being secret, and the author of the piece being too lazy to ask, and
expect them to come forward to him and tell him without his asking. Many
dedicated Theosophists join the E.S. Many dedicated members run for
National Office. A correspondence is not ridiculous. Also, the early
TS/ES connection is misrepresented; there was also a large crossover
then, as well.

    2) I have been told by staff members at Olcott that the only
spiritual practices imposed on the members is that meat may not be
brought into the public areas or the main building (and staff members
are free to eat meat off-premises). Now, it is possible that the staff
members FEEL pressured. There is certainly some similar pressure at the
New York Lodge (where my wife is a resident staff member and I am a
resident volunteer), which I ignore. But I was raised to always do what
I think is right, no matter what anybody else says. Which is why I
endure the criticism I receive on this list...

    3) The statements on the 3 Objects, particularly the 3rd, are
carefully chosen out of a lot of contradictory statements. In any case,
any TSA member in the New York area who is interested in observing the
3rd Object can join our Thursday evening study group, where we have
covered Tarot, are currently covering concentration methods for use in
more advanced meditation techniques, and, later in the Spring, will be
studying the INNER GROUP TEACHINGS OF BLAVATSKY, and, if we feel up to
it, will then be trying the exercises therein.

    I am not saying that there aren't problems in the TSA. I am not
saying that it is not a good idea for people to get together, to fix the
problems. But I do believe, and put those beliefs into practice, that
improvement comes from positive action, getting involved, working to
make things right, rather than by whining about what is wrong.

    Bart Lidofsky

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