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Re: SD Symposium

Mar 25, 1998 06:18 PM
by Senzar Inc.

>> If the files are available in a word processing format, they can be easily
>> posted on the Internet. Thus the proceedings will be accessible to overseas
>> people at no cost to them. This would be very appreciated by those from the
>> former East European countries. I am posting this to theos-l, theos-talk,
>> ti-l and theos-news for information.
>> mkr
>Thanks,Doss. i have been very busy this days, and the machines in school
>very full. fortunately i recorded these mails in the machine, and 'till
>now i'm reading them.
>Waiting for more news....


There is response from the organizers and I am hoping that the material
will be made available on the net for everyone in the world can have access
to it for free.


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