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RE: THEOS-L digest 1445

Feb 28, 1998 05:47 AM
by Dieter Dambiec

On Friday, February 27, 1998 5:49 PM, []
> P.S. The majority of the leaders of the world now are in the Kshattrya
> state.
I would disagree and say most countries, but not all are in the Vaeshyan era
(or capitalist/accumulaor era)

  In the flow of the social cycle, a class is always dominant.

 Since originally there had not been any well knit social system, we may
 call the then stage the workers era.  In those days all were laborers and
 toilers. Then came the era of the valiant, which we may term the era of the
 warrior or the martial era. This was followed by the intellectual era.
 Finally came the era of traders and business-people, the commercialist or
 capitalist era. As a result of the rapacity of the capitalist era, when the
 warriors and  intellectuals were relegated to the level of workers, there came
 proletariat revolution. As the workers had neither a strongly built
 society, nor had enough intelligence, the post-capitalist administration
 went into the hands of those that had taken over the leadership of the
 proletariat revolution. These people were brave and courageous, and so it
 was they that foreshadowed the advent of the martial era for the second
 time. After the successive order of
 worker-martial-intellectual-capitalist eras comes revolution, and then
 again the second cycle of similar successive order begins, culminating in
 the next revolution.  Thus goes the social cycle.

'The main characteristic of PROUT-based socioeconomic movements
is that they aim to guarantee the comprehensive, multifarious
liberation of humanity.'  P R Sarkar
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