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Re: on that no-no subject

Feb 26, 1998 12:16 PM
by Bart Lidofsky wrote:

> P.S. Still believe that you Alan are a good person.That's why you quit
> co-masonry.
> P.S.S. Besides, most of lodges do not accept women.what kind of
> organization is that!!??

    A) Masonry is not casting spells; it is a form of karma yoga, knowledge
through action, or, in the case of Masonry, ritual. Blavatsky herself
completed a series of Masonic degrees (whether or not she was actually a Mason
is unknown, and a matter of debate).

    B) The purpose of Masonry is to make good people better. It is impossible
to do good unless you know what good is. In order to know good, you need to
know how the Universe works. Masonry helps you learn that.

    C) The "co" in co-Masonry is there specifically BECAUSE they admit women.
Masonry has two requirements for entry: One is that you are a good person, and
the other is that you believe in a Supreme Being. Those specifically excluded
from Masonry are those who could not be expected to take an oath to a Supreme
Being with sufficient gravity. Unfortunately, when the Grand Lodge of England
rules got codified, women were considered by society in general not capable of
the level of thought required to do so, and they were therefore excluded from
Masonry (although there is plentiful evidence that women WERE admitted before
GLE was codified). Now we know better, and many expect all Masonic groups to
eventually admit women.

    Bart Lidofsky

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