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Re: Theos-World Miami

Feb 25, 1998 02:26 PM
by gidondel

Thoa Tran wrote:
 >  After reviewing various posts, I came to the
> conclusion that one side would settle for no less than the fall of the
> people in power, and that the other side either would not negotiate with
> hostility or could not be bothered.

It is the same situation on Chiapas: The rebels and the goverment, do
not want to be seen as pushovers, weak....
I stick to what Dallas said, really:
I do not belong to the T.S.
But, i believe that the strong effort done by many iluminated pepole
like Blavatsky and the following, would be a pity to loose in esterile
confrontations because of diferents points of view of minor things, or
differences on taught.
The Theosophical society has a very important duty in the world. they
have a special contribution to it, and MUST give the example to the
pepole of the world. if we want to change the world, then we have to
give the example, being the most fraternal organization ever made, as
Blavatsky said: "upasakas united together, as the fingers of the hand,
as the cords of the citar"
The theosophists must be together, and unite. if not, as Blavatsky said:
"the master breaks the cord that doesn't sound well, and takes it of of
the citar"
Maybe i'm too harsh to judge....after all, i am not a member of T.S.

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