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Re: Circling the Wagons

Feb 25, 1998 01:03 PM
by Mary Anne Morel

Re K. Paul Johnson's comments on Adyar's apparent air of defensiveness, it
seems as though not much has changed since I was there seven years ago. A
six-week stay was long enough to notice strong undercurrents of
dissatisfaction among workers, TS visiting members, and even some
administrative staff. There were rumors then among the visiting members that
TS might move the motherhouse from Adyar to the US or England; perhaps that
had something to do with the
"circle the wagons" syndrome in 1991, but what about in 1998? Adyar is so
beautiful and peaceful that it deserves to be a Mecca for TS. Surely there
is no need for distrust and jockeying for position in a philosophical
organization that celebrates the oneness of everything.

Mary Anne Morel

>Date: Tue, 24 Feb 1998 15:54:48 -0500 (EST)
>From: "K. Paul Johnson" <>
>Subject: Circling the wagons
>Message-ID: <>
>Bart's observation about Adyar "circling the wagons" is quite in
>line with my own experience.  The atmosphere, from moment one
>during my visit, was one of defensiveness, stagnation, mistrust
>of members, perception of everything as a potential threat and
>nothing as a potential opportunity.  Other member/authors who've
>been there say the same.  My experience with the ARE headquarters
>was 180 degrees different.
>Now, whether our current president and board are trying to steer
>a less reactionary course than Adyar's is open to debate.  I
>can't say I have seen any evidence of that, alas.


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