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Providing anonymity in e-mail

Feb 25, 1998 04:58 AM
by M K Ramadoss

Here is a very interesting product. May be many organizations can use it.



 All too often, employees can be placed in situations whereby they
 want to address their concerns with their company or co-workers,
 but they remain silent due to a fear of what might happen to
 them. Unfortunately, keeping quiet just won't resolve the
 problem, so everyone loses out - including the employer.
 Thankfully, a new service is now online that's geared
 specifically to these types of situations, and the pricing just
 can't be beat. is designed to function
 either as a stand-alone service, or as part of an existing
 internal employee communication program. The service allows
 employees to speak their minds with absolute confidence by
 sending "Guaranteed Untraceable" email messages to their
 company's mailbox on the server. takes email sent to it by the employees
 of client companies and "sterilizes" it so that it is impossible
 to trace the sender. After undergoing a 5-step security
 procedure, the message is compiled and forwarded to a designated
 contact within the company - all without any employee of the
 service ever reading the document. The cost ... a mere $360(CDN)
 per year - regardless of the company size or employee usage.

 Berkana Communication, Web:
 Email: Phone: 416-424-1953

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