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Feb 23, 1998 07:53 PM
by Ken Malkin


Thank you for answering the questions put to you. Your being prompt and
upfront is appreciated.

I am sorry that you killed Christ. I hope you will release the Karma
soon. If not, well, good luck.

I do not see you as the enemy, nor Wheatonists, nor anyone opposing a
view I may have. In earnest, when I see something that rankles,
something that is obviously out of syncopation with my interpretation of
a higher vibration, I will try to warn others.  For several days I have
attempted to express my views as clearly as possible. My last post was
explicit. We are all in the same boat, we all must take an oar and row.

I hold no rancor for you Bart , the Wheatonists (the executives managing
Wheaton, read officers and Board of directors), and never the 'White
hats, those people toiling to keep the Wheaton campus et. al going. They
labor, I have been told under adverse conditions. There is no umbrage
taken with a member, or anyone that disagrees with me. In fact, first
and last I am just another ignorant atom trying to figure it out. In the
end though, my pointy ears tells me that logic probably leads to the
door of intuition. My intuition tells me that the first negative story
about the Wheatonists may not be true, the seventh story may also be a
lie. I am in the low thirties now, the number of sad Wheatonist tales. I
believe there is a fire amongst all his smoke.

Your reference to the "allocation of resources" is one way to slip the
thrust of the question. There have been Native American, African
American, Spanish American and Asian American 'organizations' ask to use
the facilities of the TSA,  to no avail I might add. If the facility is
available why can't a member sponsor the use of same. There is much to
be discussed on this issue. Your "Poster Child" identification says more
of your position than anything I could draw out from you. I am
interested in having all men/women form the nucleus of a universal

Speaking of your New York lodge viz. a viz the election. it is
interesting but afield of my question. To stay on track, I do appreciate
your agreeing that once given, the ballot, should not be taken away.
That fact smacks of something sinister don't you think? Another point,
I'm glad we think alike about growing the Society.

The Bing and Rosie Escuedero story is long. It has been documented too
many times on this list already. Everyone knows that to use Bing's words
he was "brown balled" by the Wheatonists, and unceremoniously told to
seek his path elsewhere. This with very little notice and even less
financial support.

Bart, in the end, conversion is not my issue. How people think and act
is a personal decision. I am the last one to invest my energy in any
effort to have another "line up" with me. My true reason is, I do not
wish to take responsibility for anothers action. What I feel I need to
do though is to try and make members aware that all that is presented by
the Wheatonists is not factual or positive. Let the members research the
issues if they are motivated to do so or leave them be. I do not wish to
find fault with the Wheatonists, but, if my service is that of the lowly
sweep on the street asking why the emperor has no clothes, thus it will
be .

I do have a financial investment in the society. I also have a physical
investment and to a degree an emotional one as well. I have tried to
make the point that I find it necessary to defend the organization that
I joined. The open one, not the one with a shadow government. The
non-dogmatic one, not the one with a specific way to practice Theosophy
handed down by 'official' Wheatonists, you know, those that would be
called 'elders'. I am vested in this democratic organization where if I
have a question, there is an elected official who will respond quickly
and openly to my question. Not a group who pull the rug over their heads
and wait for the problem to go away, become stale or die a natural
death. Yes Bart I have an investment right here at the TSA and I am not
going away !

Finally, I do look forward to working side by side with you to help the
Society return to its stated objects and present itself as a
non-dogmatic, democratic organization that truly serves the human
condition. I am sure that we will find more to agree upon than disagree
as we labor in the field of the common good.
Your pal,
Ken Malkin

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