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Solar Eclipse and Evolution of Mankind

Feb 22, 1998 06:22 AM
by KeithHouston

Thursday the 26 will be a solar elispse.  I am not sure of the time.  The
Iragi invasion and bombings were timed at the new moon last time.  Also in
some locations up to five planets may be visible.
I think events that start at this time will be of not.  Some may end with a

I wonder what occult significance this may have.  With the solar energy
blocked, the lunar and planetary energy may stream forth.

I am thinking of the film 2001: A Space Oddysey which was very popular when
I was young, but isn't talked about much anymore.

Do you remember the "starchild" image at the end of the film.  It was one of
the most powerful images in all of film for me.  It spoke in a few seconds
about ideas about human evolution.  Of couse, it was not specific, but the
film suggested that our evolution is being guided from higher "worlds".  The
stargate was as much a Jacob's ladder as a physical wormhole through space.
The astronaut traveled interdimesionally.  He saw history spread out before
him from primate, to renassaince, to the next stage of the Uber-Mensh, the
5th race some could say.

Was this starchild a physcial being to be born and populate the earth like a
new Manu.  Was he a Messiah?  From the look in his eye, he was a Gnostic,
that little feller knew something!

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