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More from Miami

Feb 21, 1998 04:20 PM
by Ken Malkin


I related our effort, the movie night, attended by a number of people,
congregating in  a voluntary manner, and giving contributions. They were
not and no one is ever asked to pay a fee for any program presented by
the TS Deerfield. Stop being so petty and see the world out here beyond
the concrete canyons of your mind. Of course if "bringing a law suit" is
what you are up to again, do it. I hear they pay a fee to any 'whistle
blower'  that comes forth.

Bart, at now, be a participant who is a man when you use this list.
Answer questions put to you in a straight forward way! Are you or are
you not a member of the Esoteric Section? are you a member of the
liberal Catholic Church?  are you a member of the Co-Masonic Order? are
you a member of La Draught Humanne? are you a member of the Egyptian
Rite? All of these organizations are a shadow part of the TSA
hierachical makeup. Please Bart, tell me how many of the BOD hold dual,
triplicate and even quadruplicate membership in these organizations?

Are the organizations above, given the same access at Wheaton as are
Native Americans, African Americans and Spanish Americans? Read no
access available to the latter.  What is the official policy concerning
these or nay other group using the grounds let alone the interiors of
the buildings at Wheaton? Are the facilities at Wheaton open to all who
are in sympathy with the three declared objects and wish to use Wheaton?
What if a member of the Wheaton community wants to sponser such use?

Make sure you get your story straight with John before you answer these
questions. You have set yourself as a defacto representative of the
Wheaton establishment and I accept that fact. Now, check out your answer
first. I'll leave your explanation about 10% truth telling until I see
the answers to the questions put before you. They are placed openly and
with appreciation for the expected forthright answers.

The voting issue of the past speaks for itself. Anyone with an eye to
see and a mind to reason understands that the Wheatonists shabbily
arrogated the most recent  'By-law' election and then the 'National
Officer' election. Why are the Wheatonists always asking someone else to
'bite the bullet' when it comes to 'lawful' decisions. How can a member
vote to disenfranchise himself? Perhaps you can unravel that conundrum.
Quite shabby the documented tricks that have been a part of the
administrations past practice. If you question what I am saying seek
legal redress.

For that matter Bart , who knows what else happened in elections past.
Fire claiming the voting envelopes and members being thrown out for
supporting non establishment candidates are two documented problems of
the previous administration. For another, retribution for arguing the
path of theosophy and daring to buck the system is seen in the treatment
of Bing and Rosie. They were thrown out of Wheaton for daring to go
against the grain. SHAMEFUL that chapter !

Finally, to one and all, this effort of Theosophy is not all warm and
fuzzy. It grows like the human beings who have joined, by the fire of
friction. Friction of ones thinking, acting or feeling. All create heat,
all lead to expansion. Paraphrasing the talk with Arjuna, if you see
something that is not democratic, in an organization that you joined
because of its promise of democracy you must stand up and fight for the
return of democracy !

If the organization that you have joined has promised a lawful
non-dogmatic approach to life, it is fair to expect it. When you see and
are presented with the new fact,  'real theosophy', is what you are told
by the TSA hierarchy, you must fight that pillaging of your beliefs. You
must work in earnest to actualize the non-dogmatic approach to life
within your pervue of possibility.

If you know the beloved three declared objects are being bastardized
then trashed so that they are made to masquerade as the 'three aims"
then fight you must. If we do not stand by/for the three declared
objects as the bulwark of the society and perhaps, without not too fine
a point, the human condition,  then into the slough of despond will we
find ourselves.

Krishna instructed the Pandu Prince to fight, not because Arjuna wanted
to, because it was the appropriate thing, the honorable thing, the
neccessary thing to do. The Sun then set in the South.

This is not a political effort in fact at now. It is a small attempt to
work within the practicality of free speech to assure the democratic
process will out. Unfortunately, there is little that is democratic in
the way the TSA is administered. It is mired in a 'Royal' state of mind.
That NO GOOD is being fostered by the society in its aim to serve
humanity forces a sane person to stand up and say ENOUGH !, ENOUGH !,

If you Wheatonists truly serve the human condition, grow the society.
Open the TSA and its inner procesess to all. Actively seek membership
that will be supportive of a non-dogmatic approach to life using the the
three declared objects as a valid road map. Stop being seperative and
aloof. See the wisdom in the Mahatma's letter of 1900 and stop piling up
your fortune, in time, creativity, and responsibility as form

I make this promise now to all who read it:

        If the adminstration in Wheaton will agree to have an outside
auditor receive and count the votes for all elections hence, I will only
express my opinion as I see any issue at hand. No complaints or negative
statements directed at our democratic administration will pass my pen.

Kenneth H. Malkin

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