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An idea

Feb 16, 1998 09:02 PM
by Ken Malkin

Good evening,

I think John got to the crux of the problem. This is a democratic
organization.  Not a 'Royal' one. There is no divine right at work at
the TS.

Bart, don't you get it, your a member, just another member. Your
protestations of importance, your continually excusing the corrupt
Wheaton power structure and your silly pomposity does more to illicit
distrust, frustration, and anger than a note from JA telling us all to
f--- off.  Of course one needs balls to defend openly ones actions.

Remember the story of the blessings of the big wheels. Bart, your just
another soul trying to figure it out like the rest of us. Your self
anointed importance by association with the Wheatonists,  is just
anchored on feet of clay. Your attitude, reflective of the Wheatonists
does more to undermined the TSA membership than their aloofness.

Do not underestimate the power of the internet. You may find yourself
speaking to more people than you can imagine.

By the way, is it within the Theosophical milieu to swear false in order
to  avoid the tax man?

Ken Malkin

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