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Re: The Importance of Open Communication

Feb 19, 1998 08:19 PM
by JRC

On Thu, 19 Feb 1998, Dr. A.M.Bain wrote:
> I follow you only in part.  While theosophical ideas may help people
> learn more about their own religions, how does that exempt your lodge
> from tax?  Also, many people can be interested in theosophy from a
> scientific or "truth" angle while holding no religious beliefs at all.  For
> example, if the ideas of rounds and chains, time scales and worlds,
> seem to have a *natural* and logical basis, there is no need for religion
> to enter into the equation at all; eg., if reincarnation is a *fact* then
> belief does not enter into it.
Ha! You haven't yet achieved a high enough initiation - the idea of rounds
and chains, the incredibly technical Theosophical details that attempt to
convey the very fundamental nature of reality, and the consciousnesses
that compose and inhabit it - the stuff it tooks the Masters aeons of
incarnations to fully grasp ... well, as complex as all that is, it is
*nothing* compared to the complexity of the US Tax Code. (-:), -JRC

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