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Re: fairy tale, sd vol3 etc

Feb 17, 1998 02:55 PM
by Bart Lidofsky

Nicole Suter wrote:

> "> Then in the lecture I was told that the secrets of the Qabbalah would
> > not be revealed to anyone under 40 ( I am 26).
>     You misunderstood. According to Jewish tradition, Kabballah (the Q spelling
> is usually reserved for the Christian derivation) should only be studied by
> someone who is over 40 and married, in other words, a stable person. This is a
> tradition, NOT a law, and even if it were a law, it would not be binding on
> non-Jews."
> There must be something wrong with the tradition since I am somewhat
> under 40, happy-unmarried though very stable, but I am teaching others
> too, since 40 years, for free. Can sombody help to sort this mess out?

    First, to answer what I think your question is: I said it was a tradition, and
I explained the reason behind the tradition. Societies change, as to people in
societies, and generalities can never be automatically applied to the individual.

    Second, are you Jewish? If not, not even the tradition applies to you.

    Third, I don't quite understand the meaning of the phrase, "since 40 years" in
the context, and therefore ignored it when trying to answer your question.

    Bart Lidofsky

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