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Re: various posts

Feb 17, 1998 07:09 AM
by K. Paul Johnson

Herewith comments on the digests accumulated upon my return from
President's Day weekend.  Jerry H-E is quite right, "Ancient
Wisdom" means Blavatskian Theosophy and all teachings in a
particular "succession" therefrom (within the Adyar TS, of
course), in general usage within TSA.

Second, I recall the phrase "housekeeping changes" in reference
to the 1996 by-laws, contrary to Bart's recollection.

Third, it might not be entirely fair to post Brenda's comments
from another list, but I will reply anyhow that "leave it to the
Masters to accomplish the Three Objects, and our job is simply to
be transformed by devotion to those Masters" is a view that might
have been acceptable to CWL, but certainly not to HPB, HSO, or
the Masters according to their letters.


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