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Re: An idea

Feb 16, 1998 03:40 PM
by Bart Lidofsky

> Actually, this entire situation gives me a good chuckle ... to see the
> underlying assumptions implicit in the discussion. Why should the
> *membership* of *any* non-profit "democratic" organization need to
> *petition* or lobby the *leadership* to pay attention and communicate with
> it?

    There is plenty of communication. What is being requested is a specific FORM
of communication, with a small portion of the membership, and a lot of
non-members who publicly lambast the organization's leadership on a regular
basis. Or, put it another way: Let's say a member of an organization decided
that the officers should call each member individually on the phone. Would you
thik it strange that a massive lobbying effort might be required to make it

> The next election should be very interesting - there is widespread and
> growing sentiment throughout the TS that the Emporers and Empresses ...
> suddenly appear to have no clothes. -JRC

      The overwhelming majority of the membership of TSA is not on the Internet.
And not all of them have the stomach to take the kind of attacks I take for
defending them every now and then.

    Bart Lidofsky

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