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Re: An idea

Feb 16, 1998 12:16 PM
by JRC

>> This idea is just an idea, but it could be much more if there is massive
>> support.  It could be an impressive document with signature of members,
>> non-members, ex-members, etc.
>    I would say that the key to any involvement of the TSA on the Internet
>involves getting cooperation from 4 people, in the following order: John
>Ruben Cabigting, Eldon Tucker or me, and Joan MacDougal.

Actually, this entire situation gives me a good chuckle ... to see the
underlying assumptions implicit in the discussion. Why should the
*membership* of *any* non-profit "democratic" organization need to
*petition* or lobby the *leadership* to pay attention and communicate with
it? Why should members need to organize a "massive campaign", or try to
convince any person or persons? In every non-profit I've worked for ... the
*leadership* is generally trying to persuade the *membership* to come
online, to try to communicate with its membership through every possible

Our leaders seem to sit as Kings and Queens on their thrones, maybe open to
receiving petitions from us commoners - but I don't think the membership
should for a moment *buy* that attitude. The leadership is *elected* by the
members, for the purpose of *serving* the members ... and they seem to have
forgotten that.  *They exist to serve us - we do not exist, and pay, for the
privilege of serving them*. *They need us, we do not need them*.

I personally don't think the membership should concern itself with getting
down on bended knee and trying to humbly persuade the leadership to do what
it is already their duty to do. I personally think its about time to throw
the whole autocratic lot of them out the window before the entire society
goes under.

The next election should be very interesting - there is widespread and
growing sentiment throughout the TS that the Emporers and Empresses ...
suddenly appear to have no clothes. -JRC

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