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Re: An idea

Feb 16, 1998 11:40 AM
by M K Ramadoss

At 01:21 PM 2/16/1998 -0500, you wrote:
>Thoa Tran wrote:
>> different aspects of yourself that can relate to your subject.  Being a
>> semi-newbee, I have no idea how I should relate to the officers.  That's
>> when having someone proof-reading my writing would help.
>    Like you relate to anybody else. A bunch of us here are officers of
>individual Lodges, and you have no trouble dealing with us.
>> This idea is just an idea, but it could be much more if there is massive
>> support.  It could be an impressive document with signature of members,
>> non-members, ex-members, etc.
>    I would say that the key to any involvement of the TSA on the Internet
>involves getting cooperation from 4 people, in the following order: John
>Ruben Cabigting, Eldon Tucker or me, and Joan MacDougal.
>                                 ^^
>    Bart Lidofsky

Glad to know you are a key person.


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