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Yugo Section Split -- The Importance of Open Communication

Feb 15, 1998 11:00 AM
by Thoa Tran

>On the other hand, what we see is Internet is breaking down of the walls
>that exist between the organizations. Theosophists belonging to all the
>organizations and belonging to none, discuss here various issues as
>brothers and sisters and siblings. No "editing" No censorship -- totally
>open.  All this for free courtesy of a few committed open minded
>Theosophists. No dues, no fees to be paid. This may be the future for
>Of course those who are comfortable with a Theosophy "religion" based on
>specific "beliefs" (I emphasize because anything based on personal
>knowledge is no longer a belief) and don't want to think for themselves and
>solve problems themselves will only be comfortable in a "religion" type of
>a set up.
>May be time is running out for the formal set up used during last 100 years
>and  TS organizations turning into publishing houses. Who knows? Time only
>can tell.

If the internet is the future of theosophy, then maybe it is time to move
on and see how we can contribute to making the internet medium grow and be
beneficial for everyone.  I am for openness, but there can also be too much
of a morbid focus on something.  I did notice that on theos-l, there were
few responses to people making serious inquiry into their interests, be it
science, art, truth, etc., but tons of responses to past wrongs.  I did
like the frequent emphasis in that letter on moving on, on not letting
negativity hinder their work.

Thoa :o)

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