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Reading Algeo

Feb 12, 1998 12:37 PM
by K. Paul Johnson

Bart asks how I know that when John Algeo says "the Ancient
Wisdom" he means the doctrines of Blavatskian Theosophy rather
than something more generic.  To that might be added the question
of how I know that when Algeo says "the elders" he means not
spiritually advanced beings in general but the Masters of
Theosophical literature in particular.  Mainly, it's because the
rhetoric in the TS for the last 90 years or so has been in this
direction and Algeo is clearly aligning himself with that
elitist tradition.

This is dicey, because using ambiguous terms he leaves himself
plausible deniability.  But I can tell that his overall focus is
exclusive rather than inclusive from my own personal experience
and that of a couple dozen other people who have been made to
feel like expendable or "fringe Theosophist" members because we
aren't in doctrinal lockstep with the ES version of Theosophy.

More details later.

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