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Etreme Brotherhood

Feb 12, 1998 09:29 AM
by Bart Lidofsky

    Just a little story to put some things in perspective:

    A rabbi and a cantor were at the altar of a synagogue, while a
janitor was cleaning in the corner. Suddenly, the rabbi was overtaken by
a powerful religious urge, looked up, spread his arms out, and said,
"God, you are so great, and so powerful! Next to you, I am nothing!"
Inspired by his religious fervor, the cantor also looked up, and said,
"God, next to you, I, too am nothing!" The janitor, witnessing this, got
caught up, raised his eyes heavenward, and exclaimed, "I, too am nothing
next to you!" At which point the rabbi turned to the cantor, and said,
"Look who thinks he's nonthing!"

    Bart Lidofsky

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