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Rumors? Experiences perhaps?

Feb 10, 1998 04:50 PM
by Dr. A.M.Bain

In message <>, Bart Lidofsky
<> writes
>    Elizabeth Trumpler, like most, and possibly all, officials at TSA, is a
>kind and generous person, contrary to rumors spread around in groups like
>this one. And there can be a major difference between two people without
>one being more important than another.

Please cite the rumors to which you refer.

You stated that there was a major difference between two people.
Whilst your theory above may be correct, it can only be practically
applied if  both persons are known to you in relatively equal degree,
otherwise I would interpret your remark as potentially demeaning to
Elizabeth Lambert.  Do you know her?  If not, your remark is, to say
the least, ill-advised.

I have never suggested or rumored that Elizabeth Trumpler was
anything other than kind and generous, and in fact, said exactly that in
my previous response.  There has been, however, some *evidence*
that some people at the TSA HQ may be less than kind and generous,
as witness the curt response to M.K.Ramadoss' concerns recently
posted, which, IMHO, was curt to the point of offensiveness.

I made a typing error when very tired, for which I apologised
unequivocally and immediately, receiving, as I said, a kind and generous
response (privately) from Elizabeth Trumpler, for whom I have nothing
but kind words to say from my occasional encounters via the list.

Your own post in this matter seems to me to be potentially *unkind* to
Elizabeth Lambert, and I find it difficult not to see a contentious motive
in your making any comment in the first place.


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