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TS -- Universal Brotherhood

Feb 10, 1998 05:30 PM
by M K Ramadoss

As a follow up to the correspondence I had with TSA National President/BOD
here are a few additional items.

I will post the initial one line response I got from the National President
as soon as I am able to locate the letter.

When I found out that Mr. John Algeo was visiting Adyar, I faxed my
correspondence to Mrs. Radha Burnier so that both may have a chance to
discuss the matter in person when Algeo was in Adyar. I do not know if any
discussion took place.

The Universal Brotherhood question is the most critical foundation of TS.
In the April 1880 issue of The Theosophist, HPB published a full account of
the entirely remodelled constitution of TS which took place in Benares,
India in December 1879. The full account was published in a significant new
double title:


In it, HPB speaks of the Society being "Formed upon the basis of a
Universal Brotherhood".

Also in "The Path" December 1886 issue HPB writes "We are in the very midst
of the Egyptian darkness of Kali Yuga -- the "Black Age," the first 5,000
years of which  --- its dreary first cycle -- is preparing to close on the
world between 1897-8. Unless we can succeed in placing the TS before that
date, on the safe side of the spiritual current, it will be swept away
irretrievably into the Deep called "Failures" and the cold waves of
oblivion will close over its devoted head. Thus will have ingloriously
perished the *only* association whose aims, and rules and original purposes
answer in every particular and detail -- if strictly carried out -- to the
innermost fundamental thought of every great Adept-Reformer -- the
beautiful dream of a Universal Brotherhood of Man."

In a copy of the Maha Chohan's letter that was published, Alice Cleather --
one of HPB's pupils and one of the member of the Inner Group has the
following heading:

    Several good reasons given by the CHOHAN, why the
       TS should be a Brotherhood of Humanity.
         For the Simla Eclectic T.S.

Even though the two Masters took the trouble to launch TS, when Sinnett
questioned the wisdom of having the Brotherhood plank to further TS, Master
KH took the trouble to go to His Boss, the Chohan to consult Him. In spite
the high spiritual attainment of the Adept, He took the trouble of checking
up with His Boss. I am certain that the Brotherhood issue was of such a
critical one that Master KH discussed it with the Chohan.


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