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Re: Algeo, Bart

Feb 10, 1998 06:29 AM
by K. Paul Johnson

According to

Doss had written:
> 	Some time ago, in "The Messenger" which is edited by Bro. John Algeo and
> sent to all at-large members of TS, an unsigned serial article titled
> "Theosophy in a New Key", talks about three aims. It says that "The second
> aim of the Society is to offer its members a way of transforming
> themselves, of achieving the purpose of our evolution, of discovering who
> they really are. The third aim of the Society actually the first in
> importance is to bring together a group of people who are informed about
> the principles of the Wisdom Tradition, who have begun the work of
> self-transformation, and who are dedicated to cooperating with the elders
> and assisting in their work." [In reference to elders there is a discussion
> about the Mahatmas.]

A very serious matter indeed, to dictate which objective of the
TS is first in importance, and then define it in a highly
sectarian way that would have horrified Olcott, HPB and the
Masters, all of whom are on record many times in direct
opposition to any such claim.
> 	When I brought the statement in the Quest Catalog and the article in The
> Messenger to the attention of Bro. Algeo, I received a one line response
> from him which did not address any of the above issues. I sent you all a
> copy of his letter which you should have received by now.

Typically curt, abrupt, and absolutely indifferent to the fact
that as head of the section he has a major responsibility to try
to reconcile differences, *hear* member concerns, at least
*pretend* to care about them, and to be responsive.  Since you
don't post the one line letter, all I can say is it fits what I
have seen to three other members, myself included.  This guy
seems hell-bent on making enemies.

> 2. John Algeo's reply regarding the decision of the Board of Directors:
> Wednesday, February 4, 1998
> Dear Mr. Ramadoss:
> Your communication of December 10th was discussed at the January meeting of
> the National Board of Directors. Their unanimous conclusion what that the
> concern expressed in that letter is based upon a misreading of the intent
> of the documents you cite and is unwarranted.
> Sincerely yours,
> John Algeo
> National President

another typically imperious, abrupt, nonresponsive and
essentially (sorry to say so) "Fuck you" letter, to go along with
who knows how many that preceded it.
>     Elizabeth Trumpler, like most, and possibly all, officials at TSA, is a
> kind and generous person, contrary to rumors spread around in groups like
> this one.

Doss has just given us documentary evidence, not rumors, that is
pretty damning in terms of our national president's "kind and
generous" manner in dealing with member concerns.  And no one on
this list to my knowledge has ever said a word against Elisabeth
Trumpler or any other staff member at Olcott.  Those of us who
deplore the arrogance of Algeo and the Board feel very sorry
indeed for those kind and generous people who are forced to
live in the atmosphere that is so obvious in the letter Doss

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