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TS in America

Feb 09, 1998 07:51 PM
by M K Ramadoss

Early last year there were discussions on theos-l about the Mission of TS
based on an article published in the Messenger -- the Official Publication
of TSA which is sent to all members at-large of TSA.

Subsequently I ran into two other instances where the aim of TS was
introduced which gave me some concern if the mission of TS has changed. I
communicated this concern to the National Board of Directors of TSA and
received a response today from the National President. I am posting my
letter to the National Board and the response from the Board and my reply.

You be the judge and make up your mind on the matter.

My Initial Letter:

December 10, 1997

National President
 and Elected Members of Board of Directors
Theosophical Society in America
Wheaton, IL

Dear Brother:

	For any organization, for its long term growth and survival, it is very
important that its key mission is presented to the public and the
membership reminded of it in a very simple unambiguous manner giving no
chance for any misinterpretation or for any confusion.

	When the TS was launched, it was very clear in the minds of the Real
Founders that its mission is to form a Universal Brotherhood of Humanity.
In the early days of TS, the question whether the Universal Brotherhood
mission of TS was the right one was raised from time to time. At one
juncture, A P Sinnett raised it with one of the Real Founders. In response,
the Maha Chohan, who was the Boss of the Founders was consulted. His
response was put down in a letter. This letter is considered as one of the
most important by every leader of TS starting with HPB onwards. It is
considered as the Charter for TS. In it is stated:

		"And it is we, the humble disciples of these perfect Lamas, who are
expected to allow the Theosophical Society to drop its noblest title, that
of the Brotherhood of Humanity, to become a simple school of philosophy!
No, no, good brothers, you have been labouring under the mistake too long
already. Let us understand each other. He who does not feel competent to
grasp the noble idea sufficiently to work for it, need not undertake a task
too heavy for him. But there is hardly a Theosophist in the whole Society
unable to effectually help it by correcting erroneous impressions of
outsiders, by himself actually propagating this idea. Oh! for noble and
unselfish men to help us effectually in that divine task! All our
knowledge, past and present, would not be sufficient to repay him."

	In the light of the above, when I recently saw a statement by Bro. John
Algeo, our National President I was very shocked and disappointed. In the
letter published in Quest (1997) Holiday Gift Catalog he states:

"The books and audios in this catalog come from the publishing arm of the
Theosophical Society, a nondenominational organization devoted to helping
its members:

	realize their inner potentials and seek out the mysteries of the universe"

followed by two other items.

	The above statement would lead the uninformed reader to conclude that the
mission of TS is to help everyone to work towards the selfish goal of
realizing inner potentials and seeking out the mysteries of the universe..

	Some time ago, in "The Messenger" which is edited by Bro. John Algeo and
sent to all at-large members of TS, an unsigned serial article titled
"Theosophy in a New Key", talks about three aims. It says that "The second
aim of the Society is to offer its members a way of transforming
themselves, of achieving the purpose of our evolution, of discovering who
they really are. The third aim of the Society actually the first in
importance is to bring together a group of people who are informed about
the principles of the Wisdom Tradition, who have begun the work of
self-transformation, and who are dedicated to cooperating with the elders
and assisting in their work." [In reference to elders there is a discussion
about the Mahatmas.]

	When I visited the TSA Internet WWW, I saw the following statement:

		"The Quest is published by the Theosophical Society in America, the
American section of a worldwide organization promoting the comparative
study of religion, philosophy, and science."

	When one considers all of the above it is very clear that wrong messages
are being sent about the mission of TS. They tend to attract selfish
persons seeking personal development and personal goals or scholarship with
no interest in the "Orphan Humanity" or Universal Brotherhood. I do not
know how much harm it has already done to TS in the United States. If this
continues, more and more wrongly motivated selfish individuals would be
joining the TS and it is only a question of time for TSA to be wrecked by
its selfish membership who have no interest in Universal Brotherhood.

	I think the situation is a very serious one and needs swift and decisive
action. Firstly the seriousness of the situation has to be recognized. Once
this is done, a plan has to be developed to adopt a strategy to send the
simple message that the mission of TS is to establish a nucleus of
Universal Brotherhood. This message should be sent to our current members
as well as to the public and frequently reinforced at every opportunity, in
the hope that any wrong ideas that the membership and public may have
formed is corrected promptly.

	When I brought the statement in the Quest Catalog and the article in The
Messenger to the attention of Bro. Algeo, I received a one line response
from him which did not address any of the above issues. I sent you all a
copy of his letter which you should have received by now.

	In the light of the above, I think that the issues require very serious
consideration at the level of Board of Directors. Hence I hereby formally
request that it be included in the agenda of the upcoming meeting of the
Board of Directors of TSA.

	As the issues raised above may have policy and other ramifications
relative to the International Rules, I am copying this letter to Bro. Radha
Burnier, our International President.

	With regards

						Fraternally yours,

						M K Ramadoss
						Member TSA, San Antonio Lodge

Encls:	1. Maha Chohan Letter.
	2. John Algeo's Letter in the Quest 1997 Holiday Catalog.
	3. The Messenger - February 1996.
	4. Print out from TSA Internet WWW.


2. John Algeo's reply regarding the decision of the Board of Directors:

Wednesday, February 4, 1998

Dear Mr. Ramadoss:

Your communication of December 10th was discussed at the January meeting of
the National Board of Directors. Their unanimous conclusion what that the
concern expressed in that letter is based upon a misreading of the intent
of the documents you cite and is unwarranted.

Sincerely yours,

John Algeo
National President


3. My response to John Algeo:

February 9, 1998

By First Class Mail, e-mail to, and
        Fax to 630-668-4976

John Algeo
National President
Theosophical Society in America
1926 North Mail Street
Wheaton IL 60189-0270

Dear Bro. Algeo:

I have just received your letter of February 4, 1998 informing me that TSA
Board of Directors discussed my letter (regarding the mission of TS) of
December 10, 1997 at the January meeting and that the Board concluded that
the concern expressed in that letter is based upon a misreading of the
intent of the documents I cited and is unwarranted.

I do not agree with the conclusion and the reasoning based on which the
Board reached the conclusion. Hence, I am going to leave it to the members
and the interested public to decide for themselves, as I believe they are
intelligent enough to make up their own minds whether the concern is the
result of misreading and/or whether the concern in unwarranted.

With regards,

Fraternally yours,

M. K. Ramadoss
Member TSA
San Antonio Lodge


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