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Gratitude Moment

Feb 08, 1998 10:52 AM
by Thoa Tran

I'm drinking my decaffeinated coffee, thinking how cool the internet is.
Via the discussion lists, I'm able to interact with theosophists, people
who can discuss about the Absolute, sacred geometry, and black magic.  I
can be a busy person, a bed-ridden person, a fly on the wall, or maybe even
incarcerated (do they allow prisoners access?) and still be a part of the
conversation, even if it's only as a listener.

Theosophists are pretty neat people.  The people I live, work and play with
daily are not theosophists, with the exception of dear Mark.  Granted,
theosophists love to argue.  But who can argue as well as a theosophist?  I
thank those who responded to my posts so that I don't feel like I'm typing
to nowhere land.  I don't always get my answer, but I appreciate the
attempt.  I understand the time that it takes to respond to a post.  I used
to be pretty prompt in my responses, but I will just have to be a lagger at
this time of my life.  Thanks, folks.  I love you, wo/man!!!

Thoa :o)
(being sentimental, because we need more tender emotion expressed in this world)

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