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Re: Theos-World Impact/Power of Internet

Jan 31, 1998 07:57 PM
by M K Ramadoss

Thank you, John for your detailed response.

It was only a question of days before Clinton affair would have come out on
TV and print media. We will have to see how the issue plays out in the days
to come.

I looked at Internet as a tool of communication. I was trying to point out
levelling of the field between those with money and power
(pseudo-spiritual, political, governmental) and the little guy/gal with no
power and very little money. Money and Power can and does gets used to
delay or distort or withhold information. Corporations and organizations
with varied vested interests are susceptible to influence direct and
indirect when the sensitive and explosive information is to be delivered.
But the honest little guy/gal can stand up and deliver raw material without
abridgement or distortion.

It is in the human nature that we do not want unsavory information about us
to come out. It is the same with organizations. Especially with (spiritual)
organizations they tend to keep the members in the dark on the theory that
they do not need to know.

But all this is going to change due to the global and instantaneous nature
of Internet. In addition, it is a tool of direct communication with the

It is my hope that in the next decade we are going to see Internet
impacting everyday life in ways no one can even predict or forecast. Just
as a preview, today my business is dependent on Internet for uptodate
information. This was not the case last year or years before. This trend is
likely to affect most of us in days to come, if it has not already done so.



At 01:32 PM 1/31/1998 -0500, John O. Catron wrote:
>Thank you, Mr. Ramadoss for your posting regarding the Internet and its
>importance/effect in today's world.
>I was unaware that the Clinton affair was started on the internet.
>My major concern is the time, energy, and costs involved from
>"allegations" and the press frenzy surrounding those allegations.  My
>GAWD, watching TV interviews with government officials reminded me of
>vultures on a downed animal in the desert.
>I have a great concern about the potential for allegations to
>precipitate such distraction of government officials that they could
>inadvertantly put the nation in a compromising situation with other
>Would the "press" accept the responsibility for the compromised
>situation because such distraction?  What about the image of our
>officials created in the minds of officials of other nations.  Would a
>reporter be willing to  accept the karma for the reduced confidence in
>the officials he/she created through his/her persuit of only

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