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Functioning on All Levels

Jan 31, 1998 07:11 AM
by KeithHouston

Keith:  So many of the threads on this or many other spiritual discussion
lists seem to focus ultimately on how does one live a spiritual life, not
just think about.

I have tried to clarify to Mark Kusek and others that I believe and have
read in many sources including the SECRET DOCTRINE that the multi-level
nature of existence as in the seven planes in the micro, meso and macro
cosoms force us to be pulled by karma interior and exterior to the point of
despair.  The repair or turning back (religio) to the souce that can renew,
constraing and redirect all our bodies or vessels is the purpose of our
existence and evil is a big part of it whether I like it or not.   I say why
do we need all this breathing and temptation and imperfection, and the
answer is "what are you going to do about it?"  I can keep trying old paths
and expecting different results or surrender to the giant process to which I
have no control.  I still don't like it, but I am forced to try as best I
can to function as a fully human on all levels.

This is the gift of theosophy in some way in that it allows me to see that
everything, all people. all art, all social injustices are grounded in
spirituality, not in materiality.  I think this is the message that can be
taken to the academics, phsysicans, psychologists and healers and IS being
taken there.

Does theosophy as we know it, allow us to repair the disintergration of the
modern, artificial, over-systmetized, over-controlled world?  I don't know.
I long for the days when people could watch sunsets, meditate, discuss and
live a very difficult agrigultural existence that was infused with the
spirituality of everyday life.  I cannot escape fast food and cable TV and
the IRS, except in moments of retreat within.  Am I complaining too much?


What are we going to do about?  Keep on, keeping on, I guess.

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