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Re:On experimentation on auras and more siddhi stuff

Jan 30, 1998 12:23 PM
by Estela LariosLuna

Nicole write:

>What is ESP?

I believe i did'nt explain it well. i taught it was the english name of
P.E.S, paranormal habilities (something like that, i don't remember the

>Everybody can develop paranormal 'habits'. I never worried about if it
>has something to do with the brain and its two sides. Why to?

Why? because,in science, you know they have notice that left handed
pepole use more the right side of the brain, on the contrary of most
pepole that uses the left side of the brain (Commonly asociated with
language) and they're right handed. the pepole that uses the left side
of the brain are more able then to reason things visually-space
oriented....etc. you see, there are differences between pepole that uses
one side (women uses mostly the left side, the verbal-racional side,ex.)
than the other. in the paranormal habilities, a yogui CAN uses both
sides of the brain (That's the common thinking of the pepole that
regrets that "if i COULD use more than my 10% of my brain...etc.)
For that explains his habilities, but the common psichic, like some
friend of yours,for example, only uses ONE side, that explains why some
psichics uses only one hand to do things....a very remarkable psichic
would use the TWO hands for doing things.

> Can you explain
>why you dream or why you don't and how a dream is built up? Everybody
>dreams and most of the people don't even think about it.

I normaly have very wierd dreams.

>For example I just met a young men from Russia. We hardly can
>because of his bad English but he is clearly clearvoyant and greatly
>gifted and
>doesn't make out a business of it - he but enjoys it with deep
>respect. I
>him as a sample of how paranormal 'habits' should naturally be looked

I agree with you. like a friend of mine says, those are "normal things"
Yes, what's all the fuzz for?

>That Esotheric "histeria-fever" which grasses around like a sickness
these days
>really gets on my nerves - I am all too silly to follow what kind of
problems they
>are all having.

>They shoudn't make a business out of paranormal 'habits' or think about
it at
>all and what's the worse - they should not try to IMAGINGE such

Do you know how many "Koot Hoomi's" are in US alone??
(and how many are charging for them??)

>you wish to have next night!


I agree with you. Now in Mexico, because of the crisis, pepole are
getting hooked with all of the paranormal-occult-new agey stuff, and
there are a lot of books on the subject. and they are the common
paperback-soft cover edition, nothing fancy like in us libraries. I can
imagine how big the fuzz IS in us and developed countries!!
(And a lot of phony prophets and channeled-spaced guys -All of them
charging a lot, of cour$$$e!!)

Paranormal powers (siddhis) are only the cherries on the cake!!

>(definetly not able to receive a free email due to computer
>difficulties which
>can't be solved out)

Same as you. Hotmail charges me if i dare to get the pop3 reading
feature.And webmail is SOOOO slow....
-btw, i tried your page, Eldon, seems that noone of the services can do
it.maybe i'll try Rocketmail,maybe does have that feature....


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