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Re: Is the TS HQ site is boring?

Jan 30, 1998 04:59 AM
by M K Ramadoss

At 11:43 PM 1/29/1998 -0500, you wrote:
>MKR said:
>>The url is very informative and is very well done. Especially the index is
>>very useful to anyont interested in theosophical history.
>>Do you have any plans to put the full texts in downloadable files so that
>>anyone interested can instantaneously get them via Internet? It will very
>>useful and helful  for many.
>JPDeveney wrote:
>>At 11:48 AM 1/28/1998 -0500, John Patrick Deveney wrote:
>>The Theosophical History webpage has been updated and a great deal of new
>>and exciting material added!!
>  Well.  I went to the TS home page to check out the 'excitment' only to be
>quite disappointed at the lack of variety of downloadable articles, and the
>commercialism applied to their extrication.. their approach appears to be
>rather non-inclusive.
>In my (kama-manasic astrally filtered) opinion there is a growing bonanza of
>theosophical and occult (sometimes A.A.B. oriented) treatises of superior
>quality, and free of charge at the Upper Triad site,
> .
>MKR, I've been enjoying your indefatigable efforts at winding your seamless
>thread of continuity throughout these posts.. do continue.
>Namascara, -Terry
>Don't forget, you are unique -like everybody else!
>Biomat organic school fundraisers

Thanks for your feedback. At least you took the time to visit the site.

Let us give the guy a break. They have made a beginning. Technically I
think they have done a good job. As for the contents, they have made a
start. It is only a question of time that additional material is made
available. Again, the number of people who are interested in Theosophy is
relatively small and those on the net is even smaller. In this situation,
net is the only way to go and is very cost effective. I am very hopeful
that we will see more downloadable info at the site in future. Let us keep
tuned in.


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