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Re: hocus-pocus of incantations

Jan 28, 1998 08:08 PM
by M K Ramadoss

At 10:29 PM 1/28/1998 -0500, Eldon wrote:
>Ramadoss & Alan:
>>M K Ramadoss <> quotes Ernest Wood:
>>>It is not here, nor is it there, that pure life or truth shall be found.
>>>There are no secret passages to truth. No hocus-pocus of incantations, of
>>>word or of the subtler word that is thought, can light or fan the central
>>>fire. No establishment can establish it; no communications communicate.
>It may depend upon which road up the mountainside that you take.
>There are different approaches, depending upon which religion or
>spiritual tradition that you align yourself with. One approach
>may use ritual, rites, ceremony, others may stress direct
>meditative insight like Zen. Some approaches may use the word,
>thought, and reflection to awaken one's inner fire, and as a
>technique for self-development, and they are just as useful to
>some people as other, mystical, anti-intellectual approaches.
>Ramadoss is right *from one standpoint*, and those words would

    	I just excerpted from Wood's book.

	No one can be sure until we know first hand which works and which does not
in self discovery or discovering secrets of nature.


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