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Re: A good topic for Annual Meeting?

Jan 27, 1998 02:59 PM
by M K Ramadoss

At 10:20 AM 1/27/98 -0500, you wrote:
>>From my discussions
>>with people at Wheaton, it is just not worth their time to read this list,
>>especially considering the frequency with which they are attacked with
>>difficult to defend accusations (try to prove that you're NOT a despoiler
>>of young goats!).
>Especially if you despoil them. Many of the attacks have foundation - issues
>are raised on topics that Wheaton completely avoids in their public
>publications. It *is* difficult to defend oneself from accusations that are
>*true*. In the non-profit's I've worked for, for instance, a membership
>decline of one third in less than a decade, especially with membership this
>small, would be considered a *serious* crisis, the sign of a fundamental
>failure on the part of the leadership - and would (in fact *has* in several)
>cause a complete change of leadership. I'm not suprised little is made of
>the issue in the official publications, and that Wheaton would most
>certainly avoid this list - where they actually might be called into account
>for such things - and perhaps read another list where all is light and
>rosiness and the most serious issue raised concerns the minutae of the
>"Doctrine of Karma". -JRC

I want to add some facts. Almost all the subscribers here use their own
time, their own computers and their own money to connect to Internet and
take time to read all the messages and respond.

Why do they do it?  Because of their deep interest in Theosophy they are
driven by their enthusiasm. They are not doing it because they are being
paid by someone to do it as a job.

I think it is in the interests of TS to keep track of what is going
on/happening in the Internet world. Maillists and newsgroups are very
powerful inexpensive tools of communication; more powerful than print and
other media have been in the past.

If private citizens like us can find spare time and interest to read and
post messages, surely an organization with a large budget could find
resources to monitor Internet and maillists and respond. May be someone at
Wheaton will meditate over this problem and get some ideas to see how it can
be done.

Let us also remind ourselves where our roots are. We have TS and Theosophy
today because of the enthusiasm and interest of three individuals -- HPB,
HSO and Judge and they were driven by the intense enthusiasm and interest
and it is the efforts of a handful of people that has yielded results. They
were not working 8-5 M-F.


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