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Re: Theos-World an "ES reject"

Jan 24, 1998 10:32 PM
by M K Ramadoss

Another instance comes to my mind.

A very well known member of TS(Adyar) who also held important leadership
positions took time to travel to India and stayed at Sai Baba's Ashram for
several months. This person on return from India gave a first hand glowing
assessment. The person was an ES member and I wonder the person was either
asked to leave or kicked out or still a ES member. I am not mentioning the
name.  If the person is still a member of ES, I do not want jeopardise the


At 04:11 PM 1/24/1998 EST, you wrote:
>About 15 years ago, I tried to join the ES but was rejected because I was a
>Sai Baba devotee. The ES warden, who did the rejecting and who is now
>deceased, said I couldn't join and at the same time be a member of another
>"arcane school". I asked her if  Sai Baba was an "arcane school" and she said
>yes. I then asked, "If I were a Hindu and had a guru, like Ramana Maharshi,
>Ramakrishna or Sri Aurobindo, would that be considered being a member of an
>arcane school?". Again, she said yes. I could see the conversation was going
>nowhere so I had to return the application form and some other things that
>I had some ES supporters in my attempt to join and they were somewhat
>chagrined and upset about what happened and they apologized to me. This was
>unnecessary, however. I held no animosity towards this woman. She was an
>80-year old, old-line theosophist whose spiritual parameters were limited
to a
>theosophical hierarchy of approved Masters and Adepts. So I just left it at
>I've always found that a Lodge with an ES chapter was always very vibrant and
>faithful to the spread broadcast of theosophical teachings. An ES chapter
>always seems to add a change in vibration for the better.

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