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Re: Power of Internet

Jan 24, 1998 10:32 AM
by ramadoss

Thoa Tran wrote:
> >I have posted about the enormous impact that Internet is having as a means
> >of communicating and disseminating information. Now you have one more piece
> >of evidence of the power of internet. I visited the Washington Post site
> >and there was a link to which describes the how Net was the
> >first one to break the Lewinsky story. The story was first posted on the
> >Drudge Report site in California late last Saturday -- one week ago -- and
> >the print media did not print it until following Wednesday.
> >
> >So one can expect all sorts of information being disseminated for free on
> >the Internet and it is this free broadcasting worldwide that is going to
> >make it very difficult to contain information considered sensitive or
> >embarasssing by organizations.
> >
> >Ramadoss
> Yet, with all this broadcasting power, the focus is on a man's private
> matter, instead of his attempt at the peace process, or any other good he's
> done.  In fact, the Lewinsky scandal overshadowed the Pope's historical
> presence in Cuba.  In much the same way, the Princess Diana coverage is
> still going on until this day, but the death and life work of Mother Teresa
> barely made the news.  Now, which came first, the hen or the egg.  Is the
> media changing priorities for the public, or does the public have lousy
> priorities.  Consider Oprah Winfrey.  She could have kept going in the
> sensationalistic negative theme of most talk shows.  Instead, she chose to
> use her forum to create The Angel Network, and to encourage people to think
> in terms of love and service.
> Thoa :o)

As with any medium, there are going to be pluses and minuses. In a
comment about the news anchors scheduled to cover Pope from Cuba, they
cut short their visit and returned to USA to cover Lewinsky news, it was
said between salvation and sin, sin won.


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