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Re: Doss' Request

Jan 23, 1998 04:12 PM
by M K Ramadoss

At 05:59 PM 1/23/1998 -0500, you wrote:
>    Due to working in a new mail system, my messages to this list got
>swallowed up. I have lost what Doss was looking for, but I THINK the
>answer is:
>    A) I wrote the message entirely by myself.
>    B) I thought of how the Mahatamas were capable of chiding someone
>while being simultaneously gentle while pulling no punches. Although I
>am not a Mahatma, I tried for the same thing.
>    Bart Lidofsky
No problem. Here is the text of the relevant part of the msg I posted. In
the light of this, could you tell me if you want to expand or modify your
statements above.



There is no religion higher than Truth.

PS: Bart should be commended for his response.
It is perhaps the best written response I
have seen among his posts on Internet

IMHO: It is an unusually scholarly, very well
structured and the diction, style, punctuation,
show an extra-ordinary command of and
facility with the English language. The ease
with which most appropriate vocabulary, phrases
and clauses have been used is also outstanding.
I am sure many will agree with me.

I am curious to find out if he received any help (small or big),
any discussion or contribution whatsoever in any
shape or form by way of tips, ideas, suggestions,
any drafting, editing help etc. from anyone
directly or indirectly connected or unconnected with TS (Adyar)
(member/officer or not). I would like a simple
response from him.

If anyone else is involved in any manner whatsoever
(whether described above or not), would he tell us
who they are and what they contributed (however
remote or indirect or insignificant) as it would
be of some interest to some here.

Again no one should be afraid of facts and truth.

M K Ramadoss

There is No Religion Higher Than Truth

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