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Krishnamurti Trusts

Jan 20, 1998 09:13 PM
by M K Ramadoss

Following are two msgs and my reply I posted on theos-talk. I hope it would
interest some here.


>From ???@??? Sun Jan 00 00:00:00 0000
>Date: Mon, 19 Jan 1998 21:48:39 EST
>From: BJack5259 <>
>Subject: Re: Theos-World Re: Krishnamurti litigation

     I happened to have a long talk last year with this TSA board member to
whom you refer, and find him, as do all members who know him, to be a man of
extraordinary qualty and character, and one who has risen through many years
of extraordinary sacrificial dedication to Krishnamurti and Theosophy.
     Far from being a secret, this litigation between Krishnamurti and the
Krishnamurti Trust, K's former best friend Rajagapol as Trustee and other
Theosophists who were dedicated to Krishnamurti, is common knowledge.  This
member openly talked of it to me due to my interest in the relationship
between Krishnamurti and the TSA(Adyar),  and recommended some books,
including "LIves in the Shadow of J. Krishnamurti", by Radha Rajagopal Sloss.
The numberous lawsuits were apparently all ultimately resolved in favor of
Rajagopal and other members of the Board,  and absolved then of any
insinuation of  conflict or wrongdoing with regard to the Trusts.

>Date: Tue, 20 Jan 1998 00:29:56 -0600
>From: M K Ramadoss <>
>Subject: Re: Theos-World Re: Krishnamurti litigation

At 09:57 PM 1/19/1998 EST, you wrote:
>Once again I hit the wrong key and sent an incomplete message - I do
>appologize for that.
>    My point with regard to the TSA Board Member was that mere involvement in
>ligitation, is not, and should not be, a stigma or sign of bad character
>disqualifying one from high office.  Have you ever considered that maybe
>Krishnamurti fell under the influence of different advisors late in life, and
>that he was "in the wrong" for trying to break the long-established trusts,
>the terms of  which legally bound their Board of Directors?
>    Furthermore, there are members of the TSA(Adyar) who seem to enjoy using
>litigation and its threat to coerce the National Board to do things their
>and a member even filed an EEOC action and a Federal Lawsuit, both
>subsequently dismissed as frivolous, against a former national president and
>other members of the Board to coerce them to do something.  Should their
>involuntary participation in these actions disqualify them from high office?
>I think not.
>   Brant Jackson


IMHO, instead of taking anyone's word, I think anyone interested in the
litigation should try see documented facts on the litigation so that they
can get an objective understanding of what went on and get a flavor and
make up their own mind and come to their own conclusion. I am sure no one
need to be afraid of the truth and truth needs no defenders either.

Also while looking at the facts, one should keep in focus that all the
funds and property were donated for the single purpose and single purpose
only - K to travel, lecture and spread his msg whatever it may be. K was
the sole beneficiary of the all the money and property. Also the sad part
was the huge amounts of donated funds wasted on high priced attorneys even
though it was legal legal expenses. (Litigation went on from 1968 till
final settlement was reached in 1986 after K's death and all the trustees
of the old trusts resigned and properties transferred to the Krishnamurti
Foundation of America).


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